Hotel/ Serviced Apartment

Como Como Causeway Bay

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, Como Como Causeway Bay, a new serviced apartment is complex consisted of 122 nos. of bedroom. It is surrounded by dazzling shopping arcades and commercial buildings. The new building façade designed by Edge Design Institute Limited, FIFA 15 Coins reinterpret a new positioning and value of this residential building in nearly 50 years old.

The concept of “Elegant Oasis”, as to create an adventurous experience from a desert to oasis full of surprises to the tenants. From entering the building to the bedroom, the tenant is lead from the nature experience to an adventurous journey.

Various features such as huge rock arch, cave corridor, dead wood wall, sand and cactus display, demonstrate the scene of a desert. To create an image of dry and strong to imitate the exterior environment. Thus creating an oasis with lively elements such as green planting, waterweed screen and wave patterned flooring, not only they can irrigate the appearance to a soft and comfortable interior, as well as to enrich our visual quality. The existing structural beams and columns on ceiling and wall are exposed, to present its characteristic of this aged building and a great diversity of area usage.

Classical wall panels, present an elegant look with contrast to the interior concept. Elegant styled furniture and decoration placed on the raw wood plank flooring. Colourful upholstered sofa which highlights the ambiance as well as providing a cozy enjoyment. Floral pattern fabric further extends this approach and feeling for unification of concept. As a necessity of oasis, greenery could be discovered in rare places such as lightwell and ceiling, to express an interesting and live.

We intend to place calm and clean atmosphere for the bedrooms to the tenants. Subtle line and form in white colour with various material and texture, translate the clean and easy feeling to fill in the bedroom interior. Users will enjoy their every activity in the bedroom that giving a soft and fresh feeling.