Club House/ Residence

The Carmina

The Carmina is located on Deep Water Bay Drive. The design aims to bring the view surrounding the building to enable a better integration of nature with the clubhouse of elegance and simplicity.

Design theme focus on harmonize with nature. Subtle, comfortable and tasteful design elements instead of loud and luxurious. Not only user experience our design through different senses but also a stylish lifestyle.

The clubhouse consists of banquet room, reading room, children's play room, fitness room and dressing room facilities. For linking up between people and space, layout design minimize the partition between individual space by using the ceiling features and wall decorations to recognize the area. It provides a visual communication between the zone and bring in the outdoor scenery.

Using the characteristic, texture and colour of different material, through unique surface treatment in order to bring out the fine touching. Colour contrast to enhance the visual impact of the interior space.

The natural light illuminate interior during daytime. Not only it provides a natural atmosphere, but also achieves energy-saving purpose for protecting the environment.