Misocool, Central

MISOCOOL represents a youthful and trendy Japanese dining culture; mainly focus in the fusion of food and cultural trend to reflect a unique and stylish lifestyle. The comfortable furniture feels like at home. Over a long table, a huge black “Donut” are hung to bring out surprise for the space. Characteristic pictures, sourced from England. Carry out a modern and unique mood and lifestyle.

Using different seats manner to distinguish it, so that the layout become more vitality and the seats are easy to match up the different number of guests. Looking through to the large glass partition is the open kitchen, giving an immaculate and professional conduct. Feeling as participate in cooking with chef.

Using a variety of environmental friendly material, such as white pine, recycled bamboo, creates a pleasant and natural for vision. The lighting design by ISOMETRIX, emphasize dramatic feeling which created by various approaches of illumination.