Designing the new office for headquarters of a household appliance manufacturer, SIMATELEX was a great challenge for us. Providing area 2,500 sq.m to hold varies department of local office and mainland China satellite office was a complicated space programming in order to well arrange with simplicity among people’s activities, relation and circulation.

Situated in Hong Kong South, a fantastic scene through the full height glazed curtain wall. The workstations are positioned cleverly where people could enjoy the sea and park view as well as working with natural daylight. Full height internal glass partitions parallel the window only for pulling the scene to interior. White colour partition and ceiling allows the daylight to wash the inner space into a harmony atmosphere. Combining with artificial lighting arrangement, it creates a satisfied illumination as well as to be eco-friendly and cost saving.

The design brief is a reflection of corporate philosophy- Simply Excellence. Entirely devoid the unnecessary ornaments, lines and plain shape to the neat appearance of interior. Obvious blending in the texture contrast of material such as high-grained wood, glossy glass, raw-surfaced finishes creating a rich texture for touch and visual. Furthermore, an industrial accent featured lighting towards to the ceiling design. These disparate elements blended make SIMATELEX the headquarters representing their aim and mission stand for.