Club House/ Residence

Harbour One 維壹

The design concept is underlay with the theme “Double L”, Luxury + Leisure. Interior design of living and activities space is not only to design for magnificence of environment, but also to give a distinctive place to enjoy the life. By using unique material selection and combination, such as textured feature mirror wall, rare natural stone floor and bronze metal feature high ceiling in Main Entrance Lobby, it presents a grand and impressive welcome. Usage of comprehensive texture and colour usage, it creates a rich and balanced contrast feeling to sense of visual and touch. Exquisite designed lighting and decoration feature, not only highlight the space characteristic, but also to show the unique taste of lifestyle.

The mood of the interior space is contemporary and harmony. It provides a good experience for life refreshment. For example, the interior design of clubhouse is focus on “life and energy”. It is embedded a meaning of life refreshment and energy regain through the interior atmosphere and facilities. Crossover of exclusive materials and eco-friendly design approaches with special design elements, achieves an objective of luxury, leisure and quality of life. Furthermore, it brings a Green & Heath Lifestyle concept to resident. A brilliant colour scheme presents a harmony and fashionable visual experience. At the same time, it inlays a warm and cozy feeling with sustainable spirit to life enjoyment.