Tsui Wah Restaurant, CWB

“Tea Restaurant” is a Hong Kong-style cuisine which offers a fast service, casual space and affordable price for fusion dining. Tsui Wah Restaurant is one of the leading chain-store restaurant in Hong Kong. Located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, this restaurant intends to project a playful and exciting image by design concept, Circus.

The theme of ground floor is a playground of Carousel and Ferris Wheel. The first floor is a stage of Acrobatics and Clown. The second floor is a cage of animals. There are highlights on each floor with visual contrast. Characteristic typefaces are designed to be a graphic of signature food name to further extend the accent of design, but also blend in the restaurant culture.

Even stay just a while, you can taste great food and enjoy happy experience in the same time, like playing in an exclusive circus, multiply joys and throw griefs.