Ishiyaki+ Cafe

As the name of restaurant, Ishiyaki+ mainly serves a stone bowl cooked rice in Japanese style. Their healthy cuisine and light refreshment menu are also very popular especially with girls. For a relax and stylish dining experience, we put the idea of gardening into the design concept of this restaurant.

A plant needs rich soil and ground for growth lushly. Like Ishiyaki, a delicious dish comes with a skillful cooking on stone bowl. Gardening image projects the feeling of feminine and calm. It also reveals a healthy and delicate life style.

Material texture and furniture style are our concentration in this project. Raw finishes and unique seats in free arrangement make the room casual and interesting. Gardening tools graphic printed on huge glass window presents the design concept entirely. Decorated with stylish feature such as white ladders, swing chair and pot plant, we can enjoy a relax dining space as well as great cuisine in there.