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Emperor Jewellery, Kwai Fong

Simplicity and stylishness are one of the most popular design concepts in contemporary times. They are not only about design aesthetics but also a pursuit of a certain lifestyle taste. Emperor Jewellery deeply understands this and has intentionally incorporated this concept into the design of its new series of stores, allowing customers to experience this simple and harmonious retail space during their shopping experience while also reflecting the brand's youthful and fashionable side. The new generation of the Gold Pink Design Collection reinterprets the above concept by using the previous generation's design elements as a blueprint and incorporating new colours, materials, lighting, and spatial arrangements to further enhance the lively atmosphere and harmonious effects of the design. The overall interior of the store features a palette of light and natural-textured materials. To maintain consistency in materials and colour schemes, the main materials for walls and floors are light beige wood veneer and light grey cement-patterned tiles. They are distributed on different walls and floors, with metal strips serving as connections in the walls and spaces, creating clean and clear lines. The design of display cabinets and furniture is simple and direct, blending with the minimalist interior style. Finally, pink-coloured customer seating is placed in various locations within the store to add a touch of accent to the entire space.