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Emperor Jewellery, WCI

The design concept of Emperor Jewellery Store in Wan Chai is conceived as a haven for avid collectors, blending soft tones with natural wood and fabric to balance the robustness of gold and gemstones. This design approach creates a charismatic display space, evoking a sense of being in a collector's home surrounded by cherished treasures. The overall layout and design emphasize spatial character and visual flow, enveloping visitors in a warm atmosphere while providing a nuanced experience of the space's diverse elements. Beginning with the decorative wooden strips on the ceiling, the space substitutes traditional grand crystal chandeliers with wood to maintain a subdued yet multi-layered visual effect. This design choice extends to the central display counter, resembling the form and lines of a racecourse, radiating different forms of display effects in all directions. This not only delineates the spatial allocation within the store and user flow characteristics but also serves as the central axis throughout the entire shop. The display cabinets within the store are primarily designed as standalone furniture or glass showcases. The furniture features antique bronze supports and natural marble as the main elements, presenting a naturally beautiful appearance that exudes solidity yet feels lightweight. Transparency in design details and appearance is a focal point for all display furniture, highlighting the priceless nature of the showcased items. Each glass showcase, based on the character of the placed jewellery, is adorned with different fabric colours, creating unique display spaces. Whether it's gold, jewellery, or diamonds, each item emits a distinctive glow and allure from its exquisite showcase.